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Luxury scented candle

Luxury scented candle with helichrysum italicum
1,5 KG / 53 OZ - burn time 150 h

fig poudrè

To be in harmony with the environment means surrounding yourself with elements conveying emotions and magic, like those contained in YouFirst Pura Rinascita’s Fig Poudrè scented candle. A larger size, with its transparent glass and four wicks surfacing the scented wax, fitting into the story of a space as poetry into everyday life. The sophistication of the packaging materials, entirely handmade in Italy, the enveloping silky velvet that encloses the candle in a soft embrace, the natural elegance of the wooden top that preserves the aroma, enhance the beauty of this unique product.
Customised matches complete the set. Enjoy your Rebirth.

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  • Fig Poudrè
    Fig Poudrè
    Olfactory pyramid

    Bergamot, Osmanthus, Davana, Fig Leaves
    Fig, Rose, Violet
    Fig Wood, Patchouly, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Amber, Musk
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    230,00 €
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